Dj Steaw aka Steaward

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Dj Steaw aka Steaward is a Dj and producer based in Paris and originally from Rennes, France. His main influences and passion comes from Black music : from Gospel to Techno, without forgetting House music along the way – essentially inspired by Chicago / Detroit / New York vibes.

In 2013, with his friend from Rennes, Gunnter, they decided to launch Rutilance Recordings, which is now 14 releases strong. Soon after the launch Steaw began to organise his own “Rutilance Label-Night” at the famous Rex Club in Paris which soon became a huge success. For many years now he has become a regular DJ on the French circuit, playing the top clubs such as Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, the Iboat in Bordeaux and Terminal in Lyon, getting the most discerning crowds moving to his expertly delivered groovy sets.

Outside of France he is also becoming a regular on the European and world DJ scene, with sets at  Tresor and IPSE in Berlin, at Studio 80 and at the Betoncentrale, in Amsterdam, and Fabric in UK to name a few Dj Steaw keeps delivering the fresh house music made in France to the best dance floors. One Year after the Rutilance Recordings debuts, Dj Steaw launched Steaward, a subdivision of Rutilance, which offers a different dimension and a harder side of his productions. Along side this he also recently launched his new label “House Puff Records” with first EP by Lauren Lo Sung – Tresor EP (incl. Dj Steaw remix).