Dj Steaw aka Steaward

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DJ Steaw is a powerhouse producer and DJ. Born in Rennes, France and currently based in Paris, DJ Steaw travels around Europe and the world at large, playing his bass-heavy, soul-influenced productions for captivated crowds. Just this year, he played for an audience of 3000, his biggest yet, opening for Derrick May and Carl Craig in Paris. 2018 also saw his debut in Australian, with shows in Melbourne and Sydney. DJ Steaw’s house tracks are percussive and heavy with bass, featuring bold samples that are everything from melodic to arresting. DJ Steaw cites the African American musical tradition as one of his main inspirations. His listeners can hear its imprints on his work—jazz’s improvisational spirit and rap’s unpredictable rhythm light up DJ Steaw’s house tracks. In addition to DJ’ing and producing music, DJ Steaw is the cofounder of Rutilance Recordings and founder of House Puff Records and Steaward, Rutilance’s sublabel.

DJ Steaw’s notable works include “Bel-Air,” an EP released in 2017 on Madhouse Records, owned by house music founding father Kerri Chandler. “Bel Air’s” title track was promoted by Mixmag as “a swinging house gem.” In addition to Madhouse and DJ Steaw’s own labels, the producer has released across other taste-making imprints like Hot Haus Recs and Local Talk. His 2012 debut EP, “White Journey,” made a splash in the global community of house DJs—it was deemed “essential” by Traxsource. Just this summer, DJ Steaw has released two new EPs. In May 2018, DJ Steaw kicked off the season began with his “Heaven” EP and he closes with his September release, “Ocean View.” The diversity of sound represented in these EPs alone speaks to the DJ Steaw’s thrilling range as a DJ and producer of house music. The DJ’s first studio LP is set to release in mid-November of this year, representing a new chapter in the producer’s already prolific, commanding career.

DJ Steaw is both an important player on the global stage of house music and a regular at France’s hottest venues. Dancers can find him lighting up the floor at Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, Iboat in Bordeaux, and Terminal in Lyon. He also frequents taste-making clubs in Europe and the world at large, from Berlin’s Tresor to London’s Fabric to Amsterdam’s Claire. His deep house sets carry dancers up to effervescent dream worlds and down deep with dark, hypnotic rhythms. In June 2018, DJ Steaw’s “Everydayz” ranked number 3 in Beatport’s Best New Deep House list. Clearly, Steaw is making waves on the dance floor and on the global stage of house producers.

In addition to being a coveted DJ and producer, DJ Steaw is also the co-founder of two record labels, Rutilance Recordings and House Puff Records. His most recent project, House Puff, debuted just over a year ago in March 2017 with a well-received first release, Lauren Lo Sung’s EP “Tresor.” Rutilance Recordings, started by Steaw and his friend DJ Gunnter, celebrated its 5 year anniversary this year. The record label boasts 16 releases, with its much anticipated upcoming 17th release from DJ Steaw himself, his debut LP “Rise.” Rutilance’s sub-label, Steaward, provides a harder edge to the label’s otherwise house-heavy sound. One notable release, “Steaward Vol. 9,” is a collaboration between the powerful duo J Shepheard and DJ Steaw, hitting hard with old-school synth and commanding basslines. The Steaward sub-label features vinyl-only productions, articulating DJ Steaw’s loyalty to house music’s raw tradition and elemental hardware.

Clearly, big things are coming up for DJ Steaw. His “Ocean View” EP is due for release on STEP recordings, the vinyl-only sub-label of the reputable PETS Recordings. As if this is not enough for DJ Steaw fans around the globe, they can also anticipate the release of a debut album “Rise.” Certainly Steaw will ride this momentum into the new year, further establishing himself as a leading innovator of house music as a producer and label-owner, making waves from the dance floor and the recording studio.