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Stepping up as the closing act at Colosseum club in Jakarta directly following techno legend Charlotte de Witte would be an intimidating moment for most seasoned DJs. For GIGEE, however, the experience was an effortless juncture in her already blossoming career. Taking control of the DJ booth that night displayed confidence which resulted in a packed dancefloor drenched in sweat, losing their minds for the duration of her brilliant energetic Techno tinted set. For years prior to this particular gig, the Polish-born artist and entrepreneur had been immersing herself in virtually every aspect of the electronic music ecosystem, gaining insight of what is necessary for success as a producer, music professional, and of course a trailblazing DJ. With a strong understanding of the inner workings of the culture and a true celebration of the music itself, it was only a matter of time before GIGEE was ready to present her artistry to the world. This time is now.

A gap year in Paris at the start of the decade was the defining moment that truly kick-started GIGEE’s musical path. Exploring the vibrant underground culture of the French capital, hearing the incredible tracks being spun and simply getting lost on the dancefloor opened her ears (and mind) to the magic within the music. Early collaborations with key Parisian music collective awarded GIGEE an early education into dance culture and fully confirmed her natural desire to get involved. This chance trip to Paris was all it took for GIGEE to alter her path from an economics degree into a career embracing her true love: music.
Known by her family and friends as Paula, GIGEE has already left a mark on the dance world with key appearances performing alongside London’s Metronomy, Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair, British house duo 99Souls and underground Techno hero Rebekah. Her diverse range of musical selections has allowed her talents to shine through with each artist she joins, expertly matching the musical vibe and keeping a party moving. A world travelled artist, playing in cities as diverse as Paris (Batofar, Katapult), Jakarta, Warsaw (to name just a few), her understanding of the different cultures in each city resonates clearly with her brilliant musical selections, each set full of great tracks cherry-picked for the dancers.
Her long list of successful projects beyond the clubs only further confirms her dedication to the music culture. From being a finalist in the Red Bull-And-Battle (a challenge making spontaneous beats using nothing but iPods), being awarded for the ‘best bassline’ for her production efforts for Indaba Music, GIGEE certainly understands music production. She also runs her very own creative agency called ‘in The Sound We Trust,’ and served to envision the music scenography for ‘The Voice of Poland’ during the 2015 and 2016 season. Her hard work behind the scenes only shows GIGEE’s dedication to the culture from the most grassroots underground projects to large multimedia experiences alike.
With a brand new debut EP coming soon featuring GIGEE’s tried and tested darker Techno and Progressive aesthetic, and many collaborations in the works with talented musicians globally, GIGEE is moving quickly in the production realm. Upcoming gigs will only solidify her talents behind the decks as much as behind the scenes. After many years gaining an impressive level of knowledge of every single aspect of the music world, working hard to craft her own unique sonic style, and still dedicated to time on dancefloors in the world’s best clubs, the future is looking brilliant for this artist who’s just getting the party started.