Kuba Sojka (Live)

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One of the polish music scene representatives, live performer, producer and musician from Silesia. He is associated with many respected labels e.g. Dogmatik, Mathematics, Matrix which makes him more popular in the field. Artist has many released singles and two albums. Sojka performs on a regular basis in the whole Europe at the festival as well as the clubs.

Kuba is lecturer in a School of Music Production in Wroclaw and conducts workshops in a synthesis and sound creation area in his very own school „Sequence” in Katowice (polish „Sekwencja). Kuba is in charge (or attends as a guest) of organizing many professional music production workshops (for instance Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Warsaw). In some productions Sojka experiments with analogue tape as well as acoustic instruments. As producer he cooperates with Sound Office Katowice and he is ambassador of Ableton Polska.