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Hailing from David Lynch’s favourite industrial cityscape, Łódź, a place that one fellow resident describes as ‘a bit like Detroit – minus the black community and techno’, Polish producer and performer SLG states “I make music made with machines, but I try not to make machine music” to describe his musical ethos. An often stated cliché amongst electronic music producers, his playful and lively productions do stand apart from many of his erstwhile contemporaries in the then minimal scene.

While others went for a monotonously looped approach, SLG always sought out the more difficult approach of using non-linear, off-kilter patterns and sonic embellishments that emphasised a more light hearted approach, a engaging knack that has seen him released over the years on labels as wide-ranging in flavour as reductionist Trapez and Channels, forward-thinking Morris Audio and Pets or impishly fun and quirky Studio Barnhus. With a sound that has continuously evolved, refusing to be pigeon-holed or sidelined into any one particular sub-genre ghetto, his live performances and DJ sets accentuate the fun and fluid improvisation that he explores in his productions and remixes.